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100% of New Mexico’s children can thrive!

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Creating a New Mexico where 100% of our children thrive requires new ways working, learning, prioritizing, and problem-solving. Welcome to 100% New Mexico Initiative Training Center, a learning environment designed to empower initiative participants and their community partners across New Mexico. Inside you’ll find courses for initiative leadership teams, action teams, and agency leaders representing the vital services for surviving and thriving. Our goal is audacious: ensuring ten vital services within each county, transforming the adverse social determinants of health into positive ones.

The Road to 100% is our video series highlighting the innovative work of champions working within the 100% New Mexico Initiatives across the state.

Join a mighty network of 100% change agents

Within our virtual training center you’ll able to connect to initiative action team members working across the state to increase service access to create home, school, campus, community, and workplace environments where 100% of our children, students, and families can thrive.

About the 100% New Mexico Initiative

The 100% New Mexico Initiative is sponsored by NMSU’s Anna, Age Eight Institute which was funded by the New Mexico state legislature in 2019 to reach the goal of ensuring that our children, students, and families are trauma-free and empowered to succeed.

Our self-guided courses are designed to inspire action:

100% Initiative Leaders course
100% Action Team course
100% Family Center: One Stop Service Hub course
How to 100% course

Fueled by data, technology, and collaboration

The Initiative achieves this using a data-driven and collaborative process focused on building the capacity of each county to strengthen local governmental and nongovernmental services and systems of health, safety, education, job readiness, and resilience. The initiative is guided by decades of research focused on the social determinants of health and the social-ecological model that guides public health and public education endeavors.

The Initiative supports a process of problem-solving, brainstorming, learning, mobilizing, capacity-building, and innovating, all with the support of state-of-the-art technology. Locally, the 100% New Mexico initiative helps guide collaborative efforts using the critical steps of assessing barriers to services, planning focused on identifying proven strategies to increase service access, action that builds infrastructure, and evaluation to measure increases in service access to the ten vital services shown to empower all families and communities.

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