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Rio Arriba mural celebration

The groundbreaking 100% Rio Arriba initiative is working to ensure that all families in the county have access to the ten vital services for surviving and thriving.

The truth is simple. The 100% Rio Arriba initiative, a program of NMSU’s Anna, Age Eight Institute, provides Rio Arriba County with a collaborative process for transforming under-resourced communities into fully-resourced environments, creating local access to services described in the book 100% Community: Ensuring ten vital services for surviving and thriving.

We know the challenges and how to fix them. All that’s lacking is the buy-in to make the health, safety, and education of 100% of Rio Arriba’s and all of New Mexico’s children and students the number one priority.

Continue to learn more and enroll in one of our courses to make real change happen in Rio Arriba County.


The Road to 100% is our video series highlighting the innovative work of champions working within the 100% New Mexico initiatives across the state. Watch our one-minute introduction to the series.

When you are done watching, take a stroll over to our 100% Videos page to watch the rest of our videos. We hope they inspire you to action.


100% Cultura! is a celebration of Española, New Mexico. Watch as the community comes together to create a mural to spread the word about the 100% Rio Arriba initiative and inspire positive change. Visit the mural at 500 US-285 in Española (map).

Learn more about the mural project in Rio Arriba County at

100% Rio Arriba Initiative – Home

What determines our health?

The 100% Rio Arriba initiative identifies the adverse social determinants of health in the form of families’ lack of access to vital services. These services, such as medical and behavioral healthcare, determine our quality of life with the capacity to prevent adverse childhood experiences, trauma, substance use disorders, and poor school achievement leading to a lack of job readiness. By guaranteeing services within Rio Arriba County, we go upstream to prevent family involvement with child welfare, law enforcement, the courts, and emergency room care.

We’re ensuring ten vital services.

The goal of the 100% Rio Arriba initiative is to remove the barriers preventing families, students, and children from accessing the ten vital services for surviving and thriving: medical and dental care, behavioral health care, food security programs, housing security programs, transportation to reach services, parents supports, early childhood learning programs, fully-resourced community schools, youth mentor programs, and job training.

100% Rio Arriba Initiative – Home


When people in Rio Arriba County say, “We refer families to services,” how do they know the services actually exist?

County stakeholders, including all local elected officials, can learn which services are easily available by surveying residents. Our 100% Rio Arriba survey asks parents, students, and elders to what degree they can access support services and what the barriers to services might be.

Our goal is to ensure that 100% of families and community members in Rio Arriba County have access to ten vital services, promoting the health, safety, and resilience of all county residents.

How Survey Results Guide Solutions

Explore our 100% Rio Arriba County Survey to learn what’s easily available in all the communities within a county’s borders. This information is what guides the initiative’s ten action teams, each one focused on replacing service barriers with easy access.

Rio Arriba report summary

We’re creating 100% Family Centers.

The 100% Rio Arriba County Survey Report reveals many barriers family members face when seeking services. The initiative removes barriers to ten family services by designing the 100% Family CenterOne Stop Service Hub and strengthening schools with resources to serve students and their families to increase access to all ten vital services through onsite, web-based, and navigator-supported linking to service providers. With one-stop-service hubs, we can confidently say, “We’re referring families to services.”

“In order to grow and continue the healing of our communities from the long-endured trauma and suffering, it is essential that we come together as creative entities. It is vital to collaborate in ways that are unique, exciting and bring vibrancy to the zeitgeist of Northern New Mexico. We need it now more than ever.”

Diego López, 100% Rio Arriba initiative leader and Hands Across Cultures executive director


Join the 100% New Mexico Mural Project in celebrating the new mural in Española. Artist, Alejandro López describes his inspiration for this beautiful work of art made in support of the 100% Rio Arriba initiative and the entire Española community.

Visit the mural at 530 S. Paseo de Oñate in Española (map).


Enjoy the first 100% Rio Arriba mural in Española, New Mexico. In 2021, the community came together to inspire action for the 100% Rio Arriba initiative. Visit the mural at 422 Paseo De Onate in Española (map).

Learn more about the mural project in Rio Arriba County at


Another important step in guaranteeing that we can be confident when we say “we’re referring families to services” is to not only verify that the services exist, but that they are working effectively. A county may not lack a wealth of printed or web-based directories as schools, child welfare, health councils, and local governments often create them. Still, the vital question is: How up-to-date and accurate is the information about services and is that service meeting the need it is addressing? Rio Arriba County has answered that question with their Family Services Directory. Each resource in the directory to local services is verified, periodically checked, and updated by the 100% Rio Arriba initiative team.


The 100% Rio Arriba Summit on March 19th was a huge success. Enjoy these moments from the incredible event that sent attendees home charged up and excited to make change happen.


The 100% Rio Arriba initiative team is multidisciplinary, representing ten service sectors. The team identifies gaps in vital service areas then addresses them through a process of assessment, planning, action, and evaluation.

Action Team Leaders are responsible for monitoring the continuous quality improvement process (assessing, planning, action, and evaluation) as it relates to developing and implementing projects shown to remove barriers to vital services. Action Team leaders also take responsibility for convening and facilitating action team meetings focused on developing local projects. The leader also oversees the resource/service directory to ensure accuracy.

Want to join the team in Rio Arriba County?  Contact us.

100% Rio Arriba Initiative – Home

Our transformational 100% New Mexico initiative is guided by web-based, self-paced courses provided free to all New Mexicans. If you are outside of New Mexico and are interested in learning more about the initiative or taking our courses, please contact us for more information. Whatever your familiarity with the 100% New Mexico initiative or your interest in participating, we have a course that is the perfect fit for you. Explore our courses while connecting to other local champions.


A Child’s Right to Survive & Thrive Course

You can ensure safe childhoods. In this groundbreaking course, initiative co-developers Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney and Dominic Cappello, authors of Anna, Age Eight and 100% Community, introduce you to “Anna’s story” and the strategies to ensure 100% of children, students, and families can thrive.






100% Initiative Leaders & Action Team Courses

Turn caring into action! If you are joining or are already part of a local action team, get an overview of your local initiative and learn how to make measurable and meaningful change by building one-stop service hubs, community schools, and other technology-empowered, innovative strategies.