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Anna, Age Eight Institute

The groundbreaking 100% New Mexico initiative ensures that all families can access the ten vital services for surviving and thriving.

The truth is simple. We know the challenges and how to fix them. All that’s lacking is the buy-in to make the health, safety, and education of 100% of New Mexico’s children and students the number one priority of New Mexico.

There is no guarantee that our children and students can access the vital services to survive and thrive in New Mexico and nationwide. Quite the opposite is true. We are showing our commitment to 100% of our families by ensuring vital services to solve the most costly public health, safety, and education challenges that are diminishing the lives of our vulnerable young residents.


Now Playing: “Episode 4 – The Road to San Juan.”

“The Road to 100%” is our video series highlighting the innovative work of local champions rolling out the 100% New Mexico initiative. In this fourth episode, we share how the San Juan County team is approaching its rollout of the 100% San Juan initiative. After watching, stroll over to our 100% Videos page to watch more of our videos. We hope they inspire you to action.


The Road to 100% is our video series highlighting the innovative work of champions working within the 100% New Mexico initiatives across the state.

Now Playing: “Episode 2 – The Road to Chaves.”

When you are done watching, take a stroll over to our 100% Videos page to watch the rest of our videos. We hope they inspire you to action.

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What determines our health?

The initiative identifies the adverse social determinants of health in the form of families’ lack of access to vital services. These services, such as medical and behavioral healthcare, determine our quality of life with the capacity to prevent adverse childhood experiences, trauma, substance use disorders, and poor school achievement leading to a lack of job readiness. By guaranteeing services, we go upstream to prevent family involvement with child welfare, law enforcement, the courts, and emergency room care.

We’re ensuring ten vital services.

The 100% New Mexico initiative, a program of NMSU’s Anna, Age Eight Institute, provides each county with a collaborative process for transforming our under-resourced communities into fully-resourced environments, creating local access to services described in the book 100% Community: Ensuring ten vital services for surviving and thriving. We are making a system-wide change in each county, creating a seamless system of family services where ten service sectors are working in alignment with local networks of organizations.

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We’re creating 100% Family Centers.

The 100% New Mexico initiative county surveys reveal many barriers family members face when seeking services. The initiative addresses all barriers to ten family services by building the 100% Family Center: One Stop Service Hubs and Community Schools as 100% Service Hubs to increase access to all ten vital services through onsite, web-based, and navigator supported linking to service providers. With one-stop-service hubs, we can confidently say, “We’re referring families to services.”

Our return on investment is 100% thriving families.

The 100% New Mexico was founded by a deep respect for New Mexico’s families and a strong desire to transform our society into one that values and loves every child. By investing in our initiative’s local strategies, we’re investing in the lives of all our children and students. The return on investment is trauma-free children, successful students, and self-sufficient families. The initiative is a groundbreaking strategy described as visionary, audacious, and too necessary to do anything less than succeed. Join us as we build a seamless support system in 33 counties where 100% of children, students, and families can thrive.

We want every county in New Mexico to feel 100% confident when they say ‘We are referring families to services.’

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Our transformational 100% New Mexico initiative is guided by web-based, self-paced courses provided free to all New Mexicans. If you are outside of New Mexico and are interested in learning more about the initiative or taking our courses, please contact us for more information. Whatever your familiarity with the 100% New Mexico initiative or your interest in participating, we have a course that is the perfect fit for you. Explore our courses while connecting to other local champions.


A Child’s Right to Survive & Thrive Course

You can ensure safe childhoods. In this groundbreaking course, initiative co-developers Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney and Dominic Cappello, authors of Anna, Age Eight and 100% Community, introduce you to “Anna’s story” and the strategies to ensure 100% of children, students, and families can thrive.






100% Initiative Leaders & Action Team Courses

Turn caring into action! If you are joining or are already part of a local action team, get an overview of your local initiative and learn how to make measurable and meaningful change by building one-stop service hubs, community schools, and other technology-empowered, innovative strategies.