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ROAD TO 100%

Come celebrate the Five Year Anniversary of the Anna, Age Eight Institute

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The “Road to the 100% New Mexico Initiative” training event is an opportunity for initiative leaders from the 18 participating counties to join together for a shared learning experience. Community leaders will come together to network, brainstorm, and strategize solutions like the 100% Family Center: One-Stop Service Hub. Participants will revisit our four key content areas and explore new issues, activities, and research focused on policy, the social determinants, frameworks for change, and strengthening partnerships.

  1. Building support: How to strengthen local support for the 100% Community model to ensure ten vital services to prevent adversity inside and outside the home.
  2. Strengthening Capacity: How to build local capacity to facilitate the 100% New Mexico initiative’s seven steps including surveys, directories, summits, mural projects, and buy-in from local government and stakeholders 
  3. Pitching Proposals: How to create and pitch proposals for the 100% Family Center: One-stop Service Hubs and meet the urgent need of families by ensuring ten vital services for surviving and thriving.
  4. Funding the 100% Hub: How to identify potential funders and partners within the public and private sectors and on every level of government to support the development of the 100% Family Center as a transformative community and school-based model.
  5. Celebrating Success: Sharing the progress made across New Mexico in our fifth year of the Institute and a bold vision forward.

The training offers the initiative leaders a chance to develop the skills, resources, and insights to do transformative work in local problem-solving, capacity-building, and community engagement as we ensure ten vital services for surviving and thriving for 100% of New Mexico’s children, students, and families.


Training Facilitators and Hosts


The founders of the Anna, Age Eight Institute, developers of the 100% Community model, and co-authors of 100% CommunityAnna, Age Eightand David, Age 14, Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney and Dominic Cappello, will facilitate the training in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

We’re leading New Mexico into a new phase guided by the frameworks for change that are at the heart of public health, education, and social work.


The story of eight-year-old Anna served as the catalyst for the invention of the Anna, Age Eight Institute in 2019. For five years, we’ve been leading a transformational process in New Mexico to ensure that every community is a place where 100% of children, students and families can thrive. The 100% New Mexico initiative is a groundbreaking process guided by the frameworks for change that are at the heart of public health, education, and social work. With awareness of our mission higher than ever, the momentum exists to see buy-in across New Mexico leading to profound change. We have much to celebrate.


Join our inspiring day of celebration. Check out these great photos and video from our 2023 event at the La Fonda Hotel.


Watch this exciting sneak peak of the October event video. April 2024 promises to be even more inspiring and informative. Register today before all the seat are gone.

April 10th DETAILS

Special Guest

Special Guest

Also joining the training team is Dr. Melissa Moyer from Eastern New Mexico University (and yes, there might be bling and play money too!)

WHO: We are looking forward to seeing a wonderful team of two from each of our amazing counties. If space allows, we can accommodate more team members and partners. Please check with your initiative team leader to identify who should attend. Seating is very limited.

WHEN: April 10th. The training will take place from 10am to 5pm. Lunch will be provided. Details on parking and an agenda will be sent to registrants before the event.

WHERE: La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe, NM, on the Plaza. Details on reduced hotel room rates will be sent to registrants.

SPONSOR: The Anna, Age Eight Institute, NMSU, Cooperative Extension


REGISTRATION: Please register below. Registrants will receive hotel accommodation information via email.

SPECIAL CONSIDERATION: Because seating is limited, we may need to prioritize registrations from some counties. Please register as early as possible. 

Road to 100%

Registration is now closed