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Northeast New Mexico


The event was a huge success and we look forward to the next.

June 8, 2022 – 10am to 2pm

The 100% New Mexico initiative is continuing to grow across our counties, up from its initial three counties in 2019 to fifteen counties in 2022. The Anna, Age Eight Institute, sponsors of the initiative, is developing five “100% Regions” within the state to promote collaboration, synergy and alignment of services and resources. We are sponsoring a Regional Summit to support a conversation across the counties of northeast New Mexico.

We believe that adverse childhood experiences, family trauma and disruptions to healthcare, school, social services and jobs can be addressed with a strong city, county and regional response. We have seen first hand that when there is a public health or public safety challenge, like a pandemic or fire, regional collaboration and communication can address many concerns among all residents.

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This is the Anna, Age Eight Institute’s first regional summit to explore how a regional process could support each of the county-based 100% New Mexico initiatives across northeast New Mexico in the counties of San Miguel, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe, Taos, Mora, Los Alamos, Harding, Union, Colfax, and Guadalupe. In our quest to work in alignment with existing structures, our five 100% regions were designed to mirror those of the NM Department of Health.

What are the regions?



Part One: Overview of the 100% New Mexico Initiative

An overview of the collective impact 100% New Mexico initiative, focused on preventing adverse childhood experiences, family trauma and social adversity by working to ensure all families’ access to the ten vital services for surviving and thriving.

The 5 services for surviving that local initiatives are working to ensure:

  • Medical/dental care
  • Mental health care
  • Food security programs/local food creation
  • Housing security programs/affordable housing
  • Transportation

The 5 services for thriving that local initiative are working to ensure:

  • Parent supports–including the 100% Family Center: One Stop Service Hub
  • Early childhood learning programs
  • Fully-resourced 100% community schools with service hubs and health centers
  • Youth mentor programs
  • Job training programs

Part Two: An Evolving Regional Model

Discussing opportunities across the region to strengthen systems of care, safety, education and empowerment. Brainstorming how to create, across the region, a shared vision, goals, activities and use of data and communication strategies.

Part Three: Action Steps

Discussing how county-focused initiatives can collaborate across the region, as well as how new initiatives can be created and sustainable funding secured.


WHO: Stakeholders living in Northeast New Mexico.

WHEN: June 8, Wednesday, 10am to 2pm. Coffee/Tea at 9:30. Lunch provided.

WHERE: NM Highlands University, Student Union Building Ballroom, 800 National Ave. Las Vegas, NM (map)

SPONSOR: The Anna, Age Eight Institute, NMSU, Cooperative Extension in collaboration with 100% San Miguel

CONTACT: Israel S. Chávez, Anna, Age Eight Institute, 100% Regional Manager (

REGISTRATION: Please stay tuned for our next event.

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