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Budgets & Values

What do our local government budgets say about our values toward our children’s health, safety and resilience?


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This page provides all residents with the information and resources to identify the priority areas of the county budget, the taxpayer-supported economic engines that reflect our values. It also includes a directory to state and local lawmakers.



Click on a county to find your city, county and state lawmakers. We provide this information to encourage all New Mexicans to reach out to their elected officials to let them know what’s important to you. Visit the home page map that identifies which New Mexico counties are currently engaged with 100% New Mexico initiative.

If you would like to update the map, please contact our IT staff.


The goal of the 100% New Mexico initiative is to ensure that the ten vital services for surviving and thriving are accessible to 100% of residents. We understand that the services are provided by a patchwork of public sector and private sector entities, some supported by state, county and city governments. The strategy is not asking local governments to fund all ten services, instead we are asking county and city governments to leverage their power, people and policies so that all the players providing our ten vital services work in alignment and collaboration to meet the needs of all families.

Budgets reflect Values

The 100% New Mexico initiative can’t succeed as a program that comes and goes with sporadic funding. The mission is far too important to be vulnerable to fickle funding streams. For this reason the initiative and residents look to local government to support the measurable work in the form of the data-driven, four-step process of continuous quality improvement (CQI) to identify barriers to services and fix gaps to provide a positive user experience for all residents.


Image 1. Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI). CQI is a four-step data-driven process used in the private and public sectors to strengthen organizations.

Step 1: Assess gaps in vital services

Step 2: Plan in a collaborative process to address gaps

Step 3: Act with county/city alignment to increase vital services

Step 4: Evaluate all progress toward measurable results

The local CQI process is supported by the Anna, Age Eight Institute through technical assistance by staff with expertise in assessment, planning and logic model design, project management, program implementation, IT strategies, communication and evaluation.

So, about your city and county budgets

First, local 100% New Mexico initiative participants are looking at their city and county budgets, which reflects the values of the city’s and county’s residents.. There is no more powerful statement about how we prioritize our children than the city money we devote to their health, safety and education. As residents look at the percentage of money spent on various activities, services and organizations, they can do an assessment of the city’s and county’s commitment to children and families.


Our work is first and foremost county based, working with county stakeholders to ensure ten vital services through collaboration with county government, and all city governments with the county’s borders. We also align our 100% New Mexico initiative’s five regions with those of the NM Department of Health in order to strengthen systems of public health and emergency management, as well as resource allocation and opportunities for each county within a region to collaborate across counties.


Not all resources to support residents come from local government. State government has a significant role in funding various sectors. Explore our graphic to see population size within each county. Initiative participants can discuss with local stakeholders the impact of state funding and resources to ensure vital services.

Image 4. Counties by Population size. This graphic shows us where our people live across New Mexico.


Each county-based 100% New Mexico initiative participant can strengthen partnerships with elected leaders and those in charge of city and county services. By collaborating, a seamless system of care, support and empowerment can be built to support every community within the county’s borders. The shared vision is 100% can thrive.


Image 5. 100% New Mexico partners. This graphic shows the partnerships that are key to the success of the local county-based initiative.


We believe that our children are our number one priority. Our local budgets can reflect that every year. As for what our investment provides us with, we offer healthy children, empowered students, job ready adults and self-sufficient families. We can reduce our costly health challenges that diminish our lives. Our investment in vital services means we can endure public health crises and economic disruptions. The initiative is a measurable process that can show what is possible when a culture of caring guides the creation of a city and county budget.

You’re invited to become part of a groundbreaking initiative as the 100% 100% New Mexico initiative demonstrates how to create truly family-friendly and well-resourced communities across a city and county. Local 100%ers and partnering innovators in the public and private sectors are the key. Join us and the hundreds of 100% initiative folks across the county and state in this inspiring first-of-its-kind endeavor in the nation.

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