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100% Mural Project

We promote art as medicine as we create public health messages in the form of murals across a city or town center.


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This page provides all residents with the information about the 100% Mural Project, a public awareness strategy designed to engage artists of all ages and promote the local 100% New Mexico initiative.


Our 100% New Mexico survey of parents and youth makes clear the disparities and adversity our resident’s endure. There is much work to be done across a county that requires the participation of elected leaders, agency directors and residents. The 100% Mural Project is designed to increase public awareness of the 100% New Mexico initiative and the need to address ACEs, trauma and social adversity.

The mural project is far more than just painting a mural. It’s a community engagement process that shares a powerful message about the importance of taking care of one another. Everyone. Everywhere. 100%.


Image 1. Project: The 100% Mural Project is part of an ongoing countywide public awareness campaign designed to engage residents of all ages in the local 100% New Mexico initiative.

The 100% Mural Project, part of the local New Mexico initiative (or a process to gain buy-in for the local initiative) starts with a local stakeholder identifying a team of muralists and artists from across the county. These creative residents are encouraged to engage young people in the mural, making it a mentoring event. Murals can be a long term project developed by 80 students and a group of art teachers or a 2-day pop-up mural event with a team of local artists and their family members.

The mural design, implementation and community celebration are all designed to engage residents and increase public awareness of the county’s challenges and opportunities for creating cities and communities where 100% have access to the vital services for surviving and thriving.


Murals in support of the 100% New Mexico initiative are popping up all over New Mexico. Each is unique to the community who planned, designed, created, and celebrated it. Click on a map pin to learn more about each mural.

Bringing communities together with art

The mural project is a celebration of creativity and caring. The mural reception is a key part of the process, bringing together artists, elected leaders, family-serving agency staff and the public. The reception for muralists is a way to bring awareness to the 100% New Mexico initiative, promoting the goals of health equity and social justice.

The mural can be part of a long-term mural series, developing a mural walk through a downtown. This walk can be guided by artists on weekends as part of downtown revitalization and promotion of local economic development. Each mural is an invitation for families to engage in community service and learn about the power of art and culture. As our muralists tell us, “Art is medicine” and, “La cultura cures.”

Watch our videos celebrating our murals in different communities.

100% Taos Mural Project

Taos, New Mexico 2023

100% Cultura Mural Celebration

Española, New Mexico 2022

100% San Juan Mural Project

Farmington, New Mexico 2022

100% San Miguel Mural Project

Las Vegas, New Mexico 2021

100% Rio Arriba Mural Project

Española, New Mexico 2021

To learn more about public awareness projects, including mural projects, book clubs, and social media outreach, please contact us.

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