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Thank you all for attending!

January 11, 2024 – 10 am to 3 pm

We’re bringing together community leaders and community members to discuss how Guadalupe County coordinates resources to make sure that 100% of the residents in our county have access to the vital services needed to survive and thrive. Join us to review the results of the 100% Guadalupe survey and understand where we are as a county. Be a part of identifying the vision of where we want to be and provide a framework for reaching our goals.

We know the challenges and how to fix them. All that’s lacking is the buy-in to make the health, safety, and education of 100% of Guadalupe’s and all of New Mexico’s children and students the number one priority.


The initiative identifies the adverse social determinants of health in the form of families’ lack of access to vital services. These services, such as medical and behavioral healthcare, determine our quality of life with the capacity to prevent adverse childhood experiences, trauma, substance use disorders, and poor school achievement leading to a lack of job readiness. By guaranteeing services, we go upstream to prevent family involvement with child welfare, law enforcement, the courts, and emergency room care.

Watch our short video to learn more…

100% Guadalupe


Dr. Bill Soules

Dr. Bill Soules

Dr. Bill Soules is a New Mexico State Senator, lifelong educator, and author of The Sausage Factory: How lawmakers can ensure we survive and thrive. He is chair of the Senate Education Committee and chairs the interim Public Schools Capital Outlay Oversight Task Force. In his legislative role he serves as an education commissioner for New Mexico at the Education Commission of the States. Senator Soules is a champion for the data-driven and cross-sector prevention of adverse childhood experiences.

Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney

Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney

Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney is the co-director of the Anna Age Eight Institute and the co-developer of the 100% New Mexico initiative. She is the co-author of Anna, Age Eight: The data-driven prevention of childhood trauma and maltreatment100% Community: Ensuring 10 vital services for surviving and thriving, David, Age 14: Who and what determines our children’s health, education, and future, and Attack of the Three-Headed Hydras. Dr. Courtney has expertise in building community systems to support all children, students, and families.

Dominic Cappello

Dominic Cappello

Dominic Cappello is a New York Times bestselling author with decades of experience advocating for health, safety, and education. He is the co-director of the Anna Age Eight Institute and the co-developer of the 100% New Mexico initiative. Cappello created the Ten Talks book series on family safety that gained a national audience when he discussed his work on the “Oprah Winfrey Show.” He also co-authored Anna, Age Eight, 100% Community, David, Age 14, and illustrated Attack of the Three-Headed Hydras. 

Christina Campos

Christina Campos

Christina Campos has served as the administrator of Guadalupe County Hospital, a ten-bed PPS hospital in rural Santa, Rosa, New Mexico, for over 19 years. Under her leadership, the hospital was recognized as a Top 20 Community Hospital by the National Rural Health Association in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Christina is a graduate of the University of New Mexico, and received her master’s in Business Administration, with an emphasis on health care management, at Regis University in Denver.

Angelique Tenorio

Angelique Tenorio

Angelique Tenorio was born and raised in the tiny town of Santa Rosa, NM. She currently calls Albuquerque her home. She is a graduate of New Mexico Highlands University with multiple degrees in Social Work. She holds a professional license as a master in her field. Her experience as a behavioral health therapist includes outpatient and school settings. Angelique enjoys connecting with community, especially with our young adult population. Her passion is contributing and helping young people grow and flourish despite their struggles, background, and obstacles. Angelique believes that preventative care plays an important role in the mental health of youth. She believes that youth are our building blocks to creating a stronger community and by teaching this next generation empathy, healthy coping skills, and empowering them we can literally change the course of the future!

Lisa Garcia Brassell

Lisa Garcia Brassell

Lisa Garcia Brassell is the Executive Director of the Lake City Youth & Family Center and the co-lead of 100% Guadalupe. She is a graduate of New Mexico State University with a bachelor’s in engineering and a master’s in business administration with an emphasis in organizational management from Keller Graduate School of Management. After a long career in corporate America, she is now living and working in her home town in Guadalupe County where she serves her community as an active citizen working to ensure resources and services are available for a thriving community.


WHO: 100% Guadalupe County initiative team members and anyone in Guadalupe County and the northeast region. Seating is very limited so please register early.

WHEN: Jan 11th from 10 am to 3 pm (sign-in begins at 9 am)

WHERE: Johnson Ilfeld Warehouse, Santa Rosa, NM 88435 (map)

SPONSORS: 100% Guadalupe initiative team and the Lake City Youth and Family Center

CONTACT: Lisa Garcia Brassell

REGISTRATION: Use the form below to register. If you are registering more than one attendee, please reload the page to create a new, blank form. Each attendee will need to register with a unique email address. If space is available, we will welcome drop-in registration at 9 am on the day of the event.


9:00am Sign In

10:00am – 12:00pm

Welcome: The Vision of 100%Guadalupe – Lisa Garcia Brassell

  • Keynote Speaker Dr. Bill Soules – 100% New Mexico, ACEs survey
  • Dr. Katherine Ortega Courtney – 100% Guadalupe Survey Results
  • Dominic Cappello – The Social Determinants of Health: Connecting the dots of Public Health, Public Safety, and Public Education
  • Christina Campos – People and Resources: Together for a Thriving Community
  • Angelique Tenorio – Youth and Behavioral Health

12:00pm – 12:30pm Lunch (provided)

12:45pm – 2:00pm

10 vital Services: table breakout discussions

100% Guadalupe survey report review to kick off discussion and address the barriers to the 10 vital services.

  • Medical/Dental
  • Behavioral Health
  • Housing Security
  • Food Security
  • Transportation
  • Early childhood Learning
  • Parent Supports
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Job Training
  • Community Schools

Defining desired outcomes
Discovering our strengths and existing resources and assets
Dreaming about what would work well in the future
Designing the action we need to take to make it happen
Deploying – taking that action

2:00pm Table reports/discussion

2:45pm Wrap up