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100% Team

100% Curry and 100% Roosevelt is a team with a shared vision and goals, committed to ensuring that all county residents have access to the ten vital services to survive and thrive.


5 min.

This page provides county residents with an overview of how the local team works, who the members are and an invitation to join.



100% Curry & 100% Roosevelt are taking on our biggest challenges that include preventing ACEs and their costly health and education consequences. They are empowered by a shared vision, goals and interconnected activities. They also have a shared understanding of how countywide collaboration, data, technology and communication strengthen their capacity to make measurable and meaningful change.


7 STEPS TO 100%

100% Curry & 100% Roosevelt is multidisciplinary team, representing ten service sectors, identifying gaps in vital service areas and addressing them through a process of assessing, planning, action and evaluation. The ten action teams collaborate with all service providers in the ten “surviving” and “thriving” service areas to create a seamless system of accessible care and empowerment. This countywide system will not only prevents ACEs and social adversity, but it will protect all residents from the consequences of a public health crisis and economic disruption.


Image 1. Structure of 100% Curry and 100% Roosevelt.

Leadership Team: Oversees the short, intermediate and long-term projects, all focused on ending barriers to vital services and increasing the health, safety and resilience of 100% of county residents.

Resource Directory Team: Oversees the service directory, which directs residents to ten vital services. This team works to ensure that all the information about services is up to date.

Task Force on Histories and Cultures: Provides a historical overview and perspective on historical disparities and historical trauma, including progress being made to ensure racial equity. 

Media and Public Awareness Team: Works with all local media producers to share updates on the initiative, recruit new members and engage all residents in initiative activities. This multi-disciplinary team includes artists, writers, muralists, storytellers and filmmakers.


Image 2. 100% Curry and 100% Roosevelt Leadership Teams structure.

Action Teams: There are ten of these, each one focused on one of the ten vital services for surviving and thriving. 

Action Team Leaders are responsible for monitoring the continuous quality improvement process (assessing, planning, action and evaluation) as it relates to developing and implementing projects shown to remove barriers to vital services. Action Team leaders also take responsibility for convening and facilitating action team meetings focused on developing local projects. The leader also oversees the resource/service directory to ensure accuracy. 

Project Developers are key members of each action team, developing projects that may be short or long term. Skills that will be helpful in this task include: project management, including assessing, planning, action and evaluation. 

Local Government Outreach Members have a vital role in supporting project development, strengthening relationships with city and county lawmakers and program leadership, as well as school board members and school community leadership.


Image 3. 100% Curry and 100% Roosevelt Action Teams structure.



100% Curry and 100% Roosevelt are focused on partnerships and alignment of all county and city programming focused on supporting our children, students, parents, caregiving grandparents and elders. Our work defines the term collaboration as we build a culture of caring where healing and helping are the priority. The team follows the 100% New Mexico Framework for Change. Curry and Roosevelt County residents of all ages are welcome to join us in our mission. To learn more about supporting and joining 100% Curry and 100% Roosevelt, please visit contact

Team Members